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The Arrival – Revisited

January 13th, 2008 | Category: Movies,Waste Of Time

Have you ever seen “The Arrival? It came out the same time as ID4 aka Independence Day. The movie did not have as large a budget or the star power that ID4 did–but was a story of evil aliens coming to the planet. Roger Ebert, whom I often agree with–gave it a favorable review. It did not last long in theaters but of the two movies out that summer, I like this one better. (Bill Pullman’s one world speech about makes me throw up every time I see it.) It’s not to say Independence Day is terrible… it’s just not as well told as The Arrival.

The Arrival was directed by David Twohy who also directed:

-Pitch Black (2000)
-G.I. Jane (1997)
-The Fugitive (1993)

Though he’s not always an A-List director, he’s had his moments and The Arrival one of them.

Anyway, they made a sequel (direct to video thank God), The Second Arrival aka Arrival II on DVD, and it actually cheapens the first. It has Patrick Muldoon and a host of other B-List and C-list actors. The story, writing and delivery are as high caliber as the actors. It is shot in Canada on a shoestring budget with no extras. It has one of the worst film scores evah! Special Effects? Re-used and cheaply produced at best. It’s bundled with the first movie on DVD now. If you haven’t seen it, you might not want to bother–unless you’re drawn to watching crappy movies like I am. Here are some funny quotes regarding Arrival II. Some of my favorites are:

“Weak Dialog, Characters Make This Sequel A Loser”
— ccthemovieman-1 « IMDb

“Deliciously awful”
— paulhoog-1 « IMDb

“lame, lame, lame”
— eah51 « IMDb

“One of the worst movies of all times…”
— gbozoki « IMDb

“Wall-Mart had a sale” ***My personal favorite.***
— Jennifer « IMDb

“bad sequel to a great film”
— Jonas Kyratzes « IMDb

“What a POS”
— David Hamm « IMDb

I write this now as I watch The Second Arrival and try to understand why they made a sequel. Anyway, if you’ve not seen The Arrival. I highly recommend it. Charlie Sheen is great as the protagonist and the movie is a personal favorite of mine in the sci-fi genre. I’m tempted to write a third screenplay that omits and/or corrects the events of the second.

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Free Cup of Joe and the Ten Day Cold

August 22nd, 2007 | Category: Waste Of Time

It’s a novel I’ve been working on. Actually, I’m really surprised that my cold that was predicted to last 10 days really did subside this morning. It’s been EXACTLY 10 days since I contracted the darned thing. In fact, because of my coughing, I slept in the basement for 3 nights so Heather could sleep through the night. Last night was the first night in awhile that I slept through night without having to sleep in another room!

Oh, and I got a free cup of coffee at my local Dunn Brothers through their new email club. Normally I hate spam but I’ll sacrifice gmail space for a free cup of ‘joe’ any day.

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iTunes Library

August 13th, 2007 | Category: General,Waste Of Time

Check this link out. It’s my entire iTunes library spat to a file… 15 pages long.

This should be a perfect time waster for those who want to know just what the heck it is I listen to.

Or you can skip it.

Or go check out my fitness madness.

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