I'm blown away. I just interviewed Gwen DeMarco and she really is a nice person. From the moment she walked into the restaurant the whole place lit up. Gwen was charming to everyone, signed autographs, and even kissed a baby. WHAT A LADY!

Born in Indiana, Gwen had a charmed childhood. A gifted student in Indiana, Gwen won Best Invention at the Young Inventor's State Fair. A fine athlete, Ms. DeMarco was champion high jumper. With a full academic scholarship from Brown University Gwen set out East study performing arts. In her college years Gwen became a leading figure in the drama department of the university. After graduating Magna Cum Laude, Ms. DeMarco moved to New York where she landed the career-making role of Stephanie in the Broadway smash hit SPENT. Soon Hollywood came knocking at her door, and the rest, as they say, is television history.

The following interview was conducted in February 22, 1993 at the 5th Galaxy Conference (GalCon 5). Gwen was cordial and animated, and was willing to answer all questions even though at the time I was just putting out a xerographed newsletter about the secret mythology of the show.

Travis Latke: Why Galaxy Quest?

Gwen DeMarco: Because it was the best script I had read. The pilot was brilliant. So full of drama and humanity. I had to have the part. I was fresh off a Broadway hit with little experience in film and television.

TL: what are your plans for the future?

GDM: Oh, gosh I don't know. Like everyone, I would like to fall in love, get married, have babies, have a family. But it has to be that special person. Otherwise, it's just not real.

TL: With Galaxy Quest, have you grown as a person?

GDM: Of course, of course. I think we all have grown. Each episode was like a study in human behavior. Especially when we were filming, there were so many brilliant ideas bounced around the set. We all fed on it. That's why the show was so successful.

TL: How do you do it? How d you deliver one blockbusting performance after another?

GDM: It's all about the craft. As an actor I try put myself inside the head of my character. Since I sgtarted acting, I always try to become the charactere, that sometimes is very trying. For instance I once played Medea in summerstock in the Hamptons and, gosh, for weeks I hadthey nauseating feeling of having done all the bad things Medea does in the Euripides play.

With Galaxy I delved into scientific research that by the time the show was cancelled I knew enough for a PhD in astrophysics. I mean, it's a fascianting subject. I made some great friends at the Pasadena Jet Prupolsion Lab who I still consult whenever I have a question aboput quassars and wormholes.

TL: Do you miss the Quest.

GDM: Golly, I do. It was the best three years in my life. The friendships, the comradery, the success. I wouldn't trade it for anything else.

TL: And now what can we expect from you?

GDM: Well, as you probably know, there's talk about a Galaxy movie, which would be great. I'm keeping my finger crossed.

TL: We are too. One last question, Miss Demarco, will you marry me?

GDM; Oh, Travis. You're adorable.


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