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Ange Kitty is Hurting.

May 28th, 2004 | Category: General

Ange was hurt yesterday and is in Kitty ICU at the U of M. I’m a little scared for her. There is no conclusive evidence of what caused her injury except that she was either kicked, hit by a car or something may have fell on her.

Yesterday, at about 4pm, Heather found her in the alley when she brought out the recycling. She was whimpering and dragging her left foot with her head down. She was obviously in a lot of pain. Heather called me and we decided to meet at the Kitty Clinic on Lyndale and 35th in Minneapolis. They said we needed to take immediate action and that she looked ‘pale’. I suppose they can tell that from looking at there nose color and the skin near their eyes? Anyway, we had the option of spending less money on her and having her IVed at the Kitty Clinic after which we would be responsible for taking her to an emergency care facility. Then in the morning we would also be responsible to transport her again. They also offered us the option of taking her to the U of M Veterinarian Hospital where she would receive around-the-clock care. The Veterinarian at the Kitty Clinic said that they are very good but more expensive. I opted for the U. We left the Kitty Clinic and used the directions the Kitty Clinic gave us. They were not that accurate as the main route into the Veterinarian Hospital was detoured. We got there in good time. Dr. Tart was the animal physician in charge of our case and the Kitty Clinic had called ahead for us so they took her right in and got her on an IV. After taking her history and giving an explanation of what types of things they would be looking for, with mixed feeling we left her behind with the doctors. I’ve been amazed with their treatment of Ange. She was treated just like a member of the family the whole time we spoke with them. It was kind of surreal. For an instant I imagined what it would be like to have a child that might have been hurt. They treated us and our cat the same way a doctor of humans would treat a parent and child. In a way, that was very soothing. They informed us they would update us later in the evening of her progress.

Ironically, my cousin through marriage, Emma, who is married to my first cousin Seth, works at the U of M Veterinarian Hospital at night–so Ange was well cared for. Emma called me last night and exclaimed, ‘What the heck is your cat doing in my ICU?!’ I had talked to my mom about this earlier so I knew Emma could potentially be there working. I didn’t expect her to be working with my cat! It gave me relief to know that someone with whom I was close was taking care of my kitty. In addition to Emma’s reassuring call, the doctor did give me an update last night. She had been responding well to the IV and pain medication. However, Dr. Tart thinks that her c3-c4 vertebrae may be damaged. She is not certain and will have to have a radiologist confirm. I will know more later this morning. In the meantime, if you pray’pray for her. If you hope’hope for her. If your thing is to just support, that’s appreciated too.

Update 10:28 a.m. May 28th, 2004:

I just spoke with Dr. Hammel who is working with Ange today. He is going to run some metabolic tests. It seems that she may not have been struck. She may have cancer. He will be calling me back this afternoon with metabolic results’which includes blood test, metabolic tests and the like. This is to rule out some sort of metabolic issue. I don’t think I will be able to afford the CT Scan if everything checks out with her blood. The CT Scan and the spinal tap would run near $1000. I’m not sure what I’m going to do.

* * * *

The doctor called back and the bloodwork has shown nothing conclusive. I am therefore making the incredibly tough decision to take her home without a CT scan. She will be put on a steroid medication. Hopefully, we will see some improvement and she can live a little longer. If she doesn’t improve then I will be forced to make another decision. I don’t think I have the words to describe how angry and upset I am right now. Ange is a tough cat. A day before this happened, she hunted a bird and brought it to me as a gift. (I know–gross, but that’s what she does) Later that night she slept at my side in the night as she often does. Everything was normal. Now, she is suffering and all I can do is stuff a pill down her throat and hope.

I did talk to another person today who recently had his cat at the U of M ICU as well. His cat also suffered from cancer. He actually was able to give his cat the ct scan and still ended up putting him down. It comforts me that so many people understand that these things sometimes happen. However, I still don’t want to make a decision like this. It pretty much just hurts to think of her gone. Yeah, she can be ornery–and is most of the time. However, she loves to ride on my shoulders and seeks me out daily. She hears me get home from work and runs across several lawns to give me her loud greeting. As with any animal that has been a part of my life I simply do not want to let go–even though I know I have to someday.

To top it off this comes only a few days after a good friend of mine, Andy Graff, called me up to let me know he has been pronounced terminal with his cancer. Andy and I have been friends for years and though we are not extremeley close I get together with him once or twice a year. I recently helped him setup his computer at his new residence in Apple Valley and he was doing OK though and we’d hoped he was going to kick this. He’s only 28. He was diagnosed with cancer over two years ago and has had one lung removed as a result. He never smoked. He never did anything in particular dangerous to his health yet he has it. The doctors gave hims 6 months. This coupled with my own pet’s problems and recent family events have started to make me feel down. Having Ange sick just amplifies Andy’s health problems and makes me mad at the disease.

I hate cancer. HATE it.

Sorry to focus on such a down subject, folks. I will keep anyone updated who would like to know. For now I’m ending this subject in my blog.


The Ring

May 19th, 2004 | Category: General

Some people have been asking me to post pictures of the ring. I took a couple of shots with my camera last night. Here you go:

3/4 View

From the Other Side

1.01ct Lucere Diamond with Pink Trilliant Sapphires
Click the photo to see a larger view.

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I’m Engaged.

May 17th, 2004 | Category: General

I have been planning to propose to Heather for several months. Last week that plan came to fruition when the setting for the ring I had chosen came back from the manufacturer. I purchased the lovely Lucere diamond ring from Lundquist Jewelers last Thursday. It features a square Lucere-cut diamond with two trilliant-cut pink sapphires on either side in a platinum setting.

Friday it was a bit chilly, so my original plan of a romantic picnic was out. That morning I spoke to Heather. She had made plans to have lunch with her dad. This was great news! My boss graciously gave me the afternoon off. This was also an excellent thing because with the proposal on my mind and the ring already 24 hours in my possession—it’s likely I wouldn’t have done much anyway.

I left work at about 12:20 Friday in a whirlwind of speed. My Turbo PT Cruiser GT and I were on a mission! You see, I had promised to bring Aunt Bonnie a CD with the schedule I had updated for her daughter’s wedding. This would still work because we had agreed to meet at O’Gara’s in St. Paul. I drove straight to 38th Street Flower’s off Minnehaha Ave. in Minneapolis. I found out after I arrived at the shop that you should call ahead when purchasing rose petals. She said she could come up with one bag but it would take some time. Crap! I’m on a schedule here people! I politely accepted her terms. Heather phoned me while I was at the flower shop. She was done with lunch and heading back! Gah! Well, I told her I was on my way to Aunt Bonnie and asked where she was. She was still quite far away. Yes! I explained that I might stop by later. She had no clue what I was up to. I purchased a bag of rose petals and one dozen medium stemmed roses and drove straight to O’Gara’s. After a brief meeting with Aunt Bon (and an explanation of what I was up to) I headed back toward the liquor store and home. I called Heather again. It is a good thing I am unpredictable. Heather still suspected nothing as I asked her location again. She had told me she was going to stop off at the bank and possibly her mother’s house. She was in St. Paul heading back via 94. Doh! Now I really needed to step on it. I bought ice and a bottle of Mondoro Asti. She doesn’t care for champagne. She likes her bubbly a little sweeter. This ‘champagne’ came highly recommended—and it’s in a unique bottle to boot!

I entered our home arms full. I stepped into our room and panicked! The room was a mess! There was clear evidence that she’d been in a hurry as many of our things were strewn about the room. Not only was the room still in disarray, the Nintendo was still on! She’d been playing Tetris 2 again. I made a mad dash to clean the room and stuff things into closets and drawers! I carefully pushed the NES out of sight but left it on so she could finish her game. I made the bed and began spreading rose petals from our bedroom down the bottom of the stairs. I unpacked the flowers and placed them on the vanity. I then dashed to the basement, grabbed my ice bucket (circa 1969) and filled it with the ice. I stuffed the bottle into the bucket, turned on a version of Elton John’s “Your Song” from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack and placed it on ‘repeat’. “Your Song” was the song I sang to her on our first ‘date’. Oh no! I forgot to get the glasses out! I zipped back downstairs and grabbed two flutes (from a set I rarely use and purchased in 1994) and ran back upstairs. On my way upstairs, I looked out the front window and discovered HEATHER’S CAR WAS OUT FRONT! AHHH! I placed the glasses next to the ice bucket and hid in the closet. I waited and watched through the door which I had slightly cracked open. Everything was going according to my master ‘plan-B’!

Heather entered the house and followed the rose petals upstairs right passed the ring (which I had prominently placed in the middle of the room.) She was looking around for me! She went right into the bedroom, right past the ring and out onto our deck. Blast! Well, that’s ok she came in and I stepped out of the closet so as not to scare her. (Please, refrain from your jokes my friends) She still didn’t know why I was home until I gestured to the ring. Her jaw dropped. Not only was she NOT expecting me to be home, she was not expecting flowers, champagne and most certainly she was not suspecting a proposal today. The ring stunned her. I got down on one knee and officially proposed.

She said, “Yes.”

P.S. For those who are interested in knowing, we’ve set the date for Fall of ’05.