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My good friend, Adam V, loaned Ready Player One to me recently.  I’m embarrassed to say this is the first book I’ve actually completed in years.  Let me tell you, it didn’t take long to read. That’s because when you pick it up you can’t put it down. I read it in approximately three 10-chapter chunks (12 on the last read.) When I picked it up, I made sure I had time to immerse myself in it.

If you ever  listened to Rush or AC/DC growing up–if you ever watched any T.V. show or movie from the 80s, are a fan or Real Genius, War Games, Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Star Trek, and/or any other pop-culture reference you can think of from the 70s and 80s… Even if you don’t read often or have sworn off books, you absolutely owe it to yourself to read this book.

If you’ve ever savored that last quarter at the arcade for your all-time favorite game, if you hunger for anything retro and practically make it your way of life–this book satisfies that appetite with every imaginable delicacy from your past.

If any of you kids reading this grew up in the 70s and 80s then you’ll be able to relate to the material Clive has managed to collect from the farthest reaches our memories… OK, well for most of us it may be from the farthest… but for many, we are right there with him every step of the way.  I even found myself gleefully beating Clive to his own punchlines at times. Oh not in a bad way–just in the kind of way two friends might shout the same phrase and in that same moment you both have to add, “Jinx!” to the end of your sentence.

In many ways it reads like a screenplay and some have speculated it would make a great movie.  I don’t disagree–if it’s done right.  However, if it is ever made into a movie (or 2 or 3 since they can’t possibly detail all of this in a two hour period) it will likely be plagued with copyright and intellectual property issues.  And with any book vs. movie scenario it’s probable that it would be a huge disappointment for those that read the book–and that’s putting it mildly.

Ernest’s writing is both frank and eloquent.  The story is engaging, humorous and romantic.  And the book is full of… well, to coin a phrase from Star Trek IV: “colorful metaphors.”  So if you offend easily, this book isn’t for you.  I myself am likely going to read it again… and again.  At the very least it will occupy a hallowed space on my bookshelf next to my science fiction and fantasy novels.


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  1. Sounds interesting Adam, I may have to get hold of a copy. Thanks for the recommendation.

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