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Ayumi Hamasaki? “A BEST” Record!

September 30th, 2004 | Category: General

A BEST record! Buy now for very good sale!

You like my dance good? I am the king of danceteria and angel food! Drink me now for your very best music!

Trance and dental are very good for mental teeth! No smorking in the hall. Only smorking my dance hi! My elephant death toaster is in full effect. You are healthy! Please listen in the closest man is you!

But wait! You can order more your friends are in with the crowd! Drink! And my parents are happy with my grades in the happy juice. Please get down and buy my sexy dance now!

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September 29th, 2004 | Category: General

I’m sick. And I’m not talking about how “cool” I am. Apparently “sick” is an acceptable rreplacement slang for “cool”. Sick=cool. What’s next? “Aw, man! That’s VOMMIT!” or “Dude, that CD is vommit!” Or maybe “runny diarreah” will be the next cool catch phrase. “Man, that ride is like runny diarreah! I loved it!”

Whatever the case… I’m sick–and in no way is it cool.

It all happened the day after I decided to bee +. I got all achy and then I got a sore throat, clogged sinuses, headache and fever. This has stayed with me for more than a week.

However! The doctor finally decided to give me some antibiotics and I’m on the upswing. For the first time in over a week I woke up this morning with only a miled sore throat–not the raging, painful sore throat I’ve been getting used to. With any luck, I’ll feel great by the weekend.

So here is to not being sick.

I’m just a square that wants to be well.

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Bee +

September 21st, 2004 | Category: General

Stand back…today I’m going to be positive!

As I’m sitting at my desk this morning listening to the song Walkie Talkie Man by Steriogram I realize I’ve got plenty to be thankful for.

  1. Unlike Odd Todd, I have a job.
  2. I’m drinking expensive coffee–which I didn’t pay for.
  3. Last night I saw Ghost in the Shell 2 with two of my good friends–which was fabulous.
  4. I have nice clothes that I bought on clearance from Sears.
  5. Heather and I are moving to our new house in October.
  6. We just dropped the price on our home and we’re going to sell it soon MLS: 2322092–we even have an open house at 1:00 on Saturday.
  7. The bomb has not dropped yet.
  8. I’ve been alive since the 70s with little or no major medical issues.
  9. I have a great family.
  10. Heather has a great family.
  11. Star Wars came out on DVD today.
  12. I got it yesterday.
  13. Blue
  14. I have a car that runs.
  15. I have a kitty that loves me.
  16. I am a straight man who can get away with singing showtunes to cheer up my fiancee.
  17. I have an iPod loaded with showtunes… and other cool stuff.
  18. The two friends I went out with last night (Tom and Adam) bought me a prime rib dinner last night. (I told you this was a bloggable offense.)
  19. Adam also bought me snacks at the Theatre.
  20. Heather and I have a wedding date! October 8th 2005. Mark your calendars.
  21. My Honda CT90 is running again.
  22. I have a DVD library of more than 500 movies.
  23. I have cool parents. (Thanks Dad)
  24. Our new house is next to a park.
  25. My chipped tooth is fixed.
  26. I think the best thing tho– and I’m not just being mushy here– is that I have a woman who is caring, understanding and level-headed. She’s money minded and great at handling anything financial. She is supportive and loving. She is forgiving and sweet as honey. She makes me smile when I think of her–just because she’s that good. She’s a great kisser. She loves to dance and get her groove thing on with me. She is my–shining star. I’m talkin’ Earth Wind and Fire here boys. She makes me feel like I’m on top of the world.
  27. And she’s hot!

And that’s what being positive is all about.

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