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Whirrrrrr Buzzzzzz Crank Chug Clunk Zzzt

November 17th, 2004 | Category: General

All three of my computers are up and running. This includes my Apple IIc, my Macintosh G4 and my P4 Dell. (I know ~hiss~ ~hiss~). Anyway, I also got my scanner running again and scanned in some artwork for the new blog header. You might remember it if you were at SuperCon two years ago. Melissa Kaercher used me as a model (and case study) for entertainment purposes. The result? This image:

(As always–click to enlarge.)

Darn fine likeness, no? She’s a great artist!

Thanks Melissa!
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Dwelling Developments

November 11th, 2004 | Category: General

The new home has been lots of work! Last night I changed all of the doorknobs/locks to the exterior of the home. Last week Heather painted our ugly living room to a nice beige color to match our furniture. In addition, last weekend our new mission style T.V. stand/cabinet arrived and is in place.

Oh but that’s not all…

Since we’ve moved in we’ve had Brinks security installed, Dish installed, fixed the garage door, fixed the garage door openers, fixed the drains in the bathrooms and sinks, bought replacement guts for the toilet downstairs (which I’ll likely install tonight), received new GFCI outlets from Andy for all of the bathroom/kithen/outdoor outlets (which I’ll likely install tonight as well), standard outlets to replace the ones they PAINTED bright orange, standard vent covers for the ones they PAINTED and bright green, fixed the wiring and replaced the living room 4-switch plate, removed wallpaper in the hideous dining room, organized the built-in with our DVDs and books, added additional matching black leather furniture to the basement, arranged the upstairs bedrooms, set up and cleaned the wetbar and sink, de-limed the corroded shower heads and I still have to straighten the toilets (they’re leaning against the walls–I don’t know how they don’ t leak) and we need new countertop too in the Kitchen and main bathroom. It was a custom resurfacing job by the previous owners who apparently were experimenting with new home improvement methods. The Kitchen is toothpaste green–everywhere. There is carpet in the master bathroom–ew! There is vintage 1968 carpet in the kitchen. The carpet in the basement has a burn mark from an iron on it and doesn’t match entirely througout the basement.


We have a nearly new working furnace, a dishwasher and all newer appliances. We have enough room to have my family over (which we’ve done THREE times already). The little things we’ve done already have made the house feel like home. The house may still be a bit ugly inside–but we love our semi-ugly home and look forward to the rest of our improvements.

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Sneak Peak

November 09th, 2004 | Category: General

For those of you who are wondering about our new home, I have a preview of the before pictures I will be posting later in this entry:

Click to enlarge–if you dare.
Note:These are the ugly BEFORE colors.


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