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I Finally Saw Swingers

February 23rd, 2005 | Category: General

This last weekend, thanks to my fiancee Heather, I finally saw the 1996 film: Swingers. Let me tell you, this film is MONEY. And of course you see the inspiration for my latest blog header. I also saw Reality Bites which I had not seen before. I didn’t like that film as much as swingers, but Heather really likes it. I also finished Jaws recently. I have no idea why I hadn’t seen that film up until this year but I am glad I finally did.

Did you live in under a rock? Are you crazy?! What do you mean you haven’t seen that? You have to see that movie!

All phrases I’m used to hearing. People think I am Mr. Movie himself. In fact, I have seen a LOT of movies. However, most of what I like is fantasy and/or science fiction and I’m not too particular about excellence. In other words, my tastes where films are concerned don’t really reflect the quality of said films. Here are some examples of films I like. Keep in mind, many of these are “A List” but many are not. In either case, I’d urge anyone who would like to understand Adam Kooyer just a little bit better to watch them.

  • Alien 1979
  • Superman 1978
  • Condorman 1981
  • Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan 1982
  • E.T. 1982
  • Barbarella 1968
  • Our Man Flint 1966
  • Dark City 1998
  • Donnie Darko 2001
  • The Dark Crystal 1982
  • Star Wars 1977
  • Empire Strikes Back 1980
  • Almost any Bond Film (the only one I don’t like: World is not Enough)
  • The Hunt for Red October 1990
  • Batman 1969
  • Batman 1989
  • The Unidentified Flying Oddball 1979
  • Mary Poppins 1964
  • Moulin Rouge 2001
  • Run Lola Run 1998
  • John Carpenter’s: Escape from New York 1981
  • John Carpenter’s: The Thing 1982
  • John Carpenter’s: Big Trouble in Little China 1986
  • Amélie 2001
  • Caveman 1981
  • Conan 1981
  • Blue Hawaii 1961
  • Lilo and Stitch 2002
  • Logan’s Run 1976
  • Free Enterprise 1998

    And of course my list goes on and on and on. For more insight into the mindful/mindless entertainment I enjoy see my DVD collection to the left. Hee hee.

    Anyway, on my list of not yet seen films is: Animal House, The Jerk and National Lampoon’s: Vacation.

  • V-Day V. Good Day DJ Pre Paid On Our Way Adam at Play

    February 17th, 2005 | Category: General

    For Valentines day last Monday I grilled Prime Sirloin Dry Aged Steak and King Crab with Green Beans cooked with butter and Lemon. I even learned how to make clarified butter! I even bought a special bottle of Penfolds bin 389 Shiraz/Cab for the momentous evening. Everything turned out grand. I received a box of Godiva chocolates for Valentines Day from Heather. I must say, I think this marks the first time I’ve ever received a box of chocolates on Valentines Day. At least that I can remember. Unfortunately, it’s Thursday and I’ve managed to destroy most of the contents of the box already. BAD ADAM. Oh in addition to dinner I bought Heather a dozen long stemmed roses and a balloon.

    I’m with the DJ,Mr. Bouncer-Head Muscle-Man.
    Yesterday we met with Ryan from Midwest Sound and Light DJ service. We decided we are going to use them for both our ceremony and the reception so this works out great. We don’t have to pay another vendor to do music live at the ceremony. Our wedding plans are shaping up but we still have a long way to go. The folks at this company are energetic and it looks like the parTAY is going to be a good one for the reception. Heather and I left with a boost of confidence and are very excited about using them.

    DVD front
    Next Monday the guys and I are probably going to end up watching Ice Pirates at my place if they all agree to the madness that is King Adam’s Bar. I’m going to propose we make home-made pizzas as well. This always seems to be a fun time. In addition to Ice-Pirates, Heather and I just watched Ray with Jamie Foxx. This is an incredible film and everyone should see it. We laughed, we cried it was better than Cats. I recently acquired the “Greatest American Hero” as well. More cheesy 80s Sci-Fi TV for me, I guess. I love this show! It has Robert Culp in it! How can I resist?!

    Oh and some of you may not know this but I recently had to go to the doctor for my right knee. It turns out I have mild arthritis in my knee. Yay. But the bigger problem is that I’ve not been getting enough exercise and my muscles that hold my kneecap in place need work. So I’m in physical therapy for my knee now. After only one day of treatment I’m feeling better already. But I think it will be a month or so before I feel 100%.

    Ta ta!


    Nah nuh. Nah nuh. Naaaah nuh. Nah nuh nah nuh nah nuh nah nuh CHOMP.

    February 06th, 2005 | Category: General

    Today we started watching Jaws. This movie is AWESOME. It’s scary and has some great characters in it. We’re on our way to Pat and Rachels for dinner and the Superbowl so we’ll have to watch the rest when we get back. But WOW it’s great.

    Heather got her hair done today. It looks great. She always looks great ROWR.

    News at 11.

    Anyone have a copy of last weeks battlestar? I missed it.