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“This union, is there going to be meetings?”

May 31st, 2005 | Category: General

“Of course”
“No meetings.” [gunshots continue]

Name that flick! It isn’t: Herbie the Love Bug.

Occasionally, I doodle in meetings. We all do it. I’ve thought about making a book of all of my doodles. I used to keep the slips of paper that I drew on and I think I still have a small stack at home waiting to be scanned. Here is a recent one I did about a week ago when I was in a co-worker’s cube waiting for him to finish a conference call…

click to enlarge

Inspired somewhat by the new Herbie: Fully Loaded coming out this summer, I drew this from memory. I was only one number off on the license plate. I originally had the “7” as a “4”. I’m surprised I remembered 5 characters correctly!

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Killer Weekend

May 31st, 2005 | Category: General

I love it when a weekend is packed full of events. This weekend was no exception. Heather and I spent most of Saturday just hanging around the house. The so-so weather was enough to keep us indoors most of the day. We also had a great dinner on Friday night. However—I think we were both suffering the after effects of possible slight food poisoning. We both felt ill most of the day. So it was a good day to do mostly nothing. I struggled with the Tivo that Heather recently purchased from Adam V all day long. Then the damn thing wouldn’t fit in the armoire where we keep the NES and the Satellite System. I was pretty miffed by midday. I did help the neighbor kids find their baseball in our backyard and later that night I ventured over to Adam Vs for their BBQ. It was pretty late so I didn’t stay long. But I got to try some of Tom Harty’s patented guacamole… which incidentally is derived from the same recipe that my patented guacamole comes from. So I challenged him to a dual. Andy also said he would participate. Adam V will be the judge for IRON CHEF GUACAMOLE! Now we just need to pick a date and hire the judges.

Sunday was a crazy day. After deciding I was going to get a new piece of furniture for the Tivo, I convinced Heather to come with me. My plan was to head over to Ashley furniture to try and find a matching piece for the bedroom. She suggested Best Buy. I agreed they might have something simple we could get so we were off. When we arrived we didn’t find much in the normal entertainment system area, so I suggested we head over to the Computer Furniture area. I wanted to show Heather a $300 entertainment credenza* that I had my eye on.

*Entry: cre•den•za
Pronunciation: kri-‘den-za
Function: noun
Etymology: Italian, literally, belief, confidence, from Medieval Latin credentia
2 : a sideboard, buffet, or bookcase patterned after a Renaissance credence; especially : one without legs

Here is what happened. We got to the area that I wanted to show here and the thing was on clearance. It was marked down to $169! What a deal! But wait. There’s more! The guy that was manning the department told us that all floor models were an additional 75% off. That meant the credenza was now $40. Talk about sweet! So we left Best Buy with:

Heather’s new office chair

An Entertainment center for the Tivo and bedroom electronics

My entertainment credenza (for my records and misc. stuff in my office)

Two black leather ‘entertainment cubes’ True Seating Leather Storage Ottoman with Serving Trays

And some clearance CD Racks for Heather

Sunday was a blast too. We got up early, went to Byerly’s for breakfast and then grocery shopped. We returned home, went for a bike ride and then laid in the sun and enjoyed Margaritas. Later I hooked up the PS2 and the Dreamcast and enjoyed some classic gaming. Sunday afternoon Matt stopped over with the Miata and we gawked at it for a bit and then we three–Adam, Heather and He–went to our friend’s house for a Barbequee. Wee! On the way back from the BBQ I took Heather to DQ for a tasty treat. It was packed! We returned home, and went to bed. So it was a great weekend overall! Yesssssss.

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Minnehaha Weekend

May 23rd, 2005 | Category: General

Friday was a low key evening as I was feeling under the weather.

Saturday I watched Attack of the Clones in preparation for Revenge of the Sith. We also worked on the wedding list–which is almost done. I’ve got about 12 addresses as homework though. Later in the day, I ended up watching a lot of The Greatest American Hero.

Yesterday was fantastic. The weather was beautiful in the morning so we decided to go to Minnehaha falls for a romantic walk. On the way, we drove by our old neighborhood and visited Roberto an old neighbor friend of ours. He gratiously invited us in and gave us the grand tour of their home. Heather and I then headed on to Minnehaha where we walked walked around the falls and the woods. We sat together on the park bench taking in the view.

Later we went to lunch with my friend Rob at the local Irish pub: Molly Quinn’s. It’s the place for the world’s best fish, chips and a pint. Then Rob and I went to Revenge of the Sith (Reviewed in entry below). And after that Heather and I cleaned up the yard. I mowed and she pulled all kinds of garbage out of the back-yard that the previous owners had left behind. They had a ratty old Ariel doll back there, along with a Pancho hispanic book end, a sign that read: Free Broom Rides, another that read: The Back Room, various shells (hung on the fence and placed strategically around the yard), an Aladdin plastic toy, some brass dolphins, fake wooden tulips, a Pocahontas play set, a Kermit the frog wall hanging, various brass animals nailed to teh wall, a set of bunnies, a porcelain quial, a duck rain guage, tiki-head dolls… you name it. It was in there. Later in the evening we watched Catch Me if You Can. All in all one of the best days on a weekend we’ve had in a long time. I sure do love that woman.

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