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Ten Pounds of Hamburger

July 29th, 2005 | Category: General

I started Weight Watchers again. As a man, this can be rather embarrassing to admit. However, I find that their practices which include: Portion Management, Regular Food, Exercise, Water Intake and a variety of healthy recipes is most effective.

I had done this a couple of years ago and it worked pretty well, but then I got into a relationship with my fiancee and we ended up eating out a lot, partying and generally living life in the fast lane. I also do a lot of the cooking around the house. We used mostly butter for cooking and didn’t much care what the costs were health-wise.

Then I saw the doctor about an ailment I was having. My ailment turned out to be nothing but my blood test returned HORRIBLE bad cholesterol levels. I was put on a diet and had to see a dietician.

Since, I’m getting married very soon I decided I wanted to be healthy for my bride to be and rejoined weight watchers. I made a promise to my group on the first day I was going to workout three times a week and use my clubmembership. So far I’ve stuck to it. It’s been 6 weeks since I’ve been ‘on the diet’ and I’ve lost 10lbs. I feel much better. And I eat whatever I want on the diet. It allows me to be in control. I like that.

So a little while ago I posted a chart on this site located in the navigation bar to the left. It says “watch my weight”. My goal is to get under two hundred by the wedding. I’m not really on track for that right now–but I’m going to buckle down and make it happen.

We shall see…


If I Had a Debut Album Cover

July 19th, 2005 | Category: General

This would be it:

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Battlestar Season Two

July 07th, 2005 | Category: General

Premiers Friday July 15th 9pm CDT
on the Sci-Fi Channel

Commander Adama has been mortally wounded
by Boomer and Col. Tigh must assume command!

I will be hosting a BSG party
Friday night July 15th, starting at 7pm. We’ll watch last year’s finale and then the new episode. Everyone is welcome!

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