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Happy Halloween from Starfleet

October 31st, 2005 | Category: General

This morning I woke up at 6:43 to Heather asking me if I still had my old Star Trek uniform. The answer was of course…


I had to go dig out my Star Trek communicator pin which has been in a box of my buttons since we moved–but I found it. Then I put new batteries in one of my tricorders so she would have an additional prop. There was one more thing she borrowed from me. Though she is mixing genres here–it’s still terribly humorous…


Mystery Gifts

October 29th, 2005 | Category: General

Well, now that things have settled down a bit and we’re getting back to our “normal” lives as best we can, I need help in finding out some information.

For our wedding we received a few gifts and a number of cards and gift cards. One gift was missing the card which said who gave it to us. Another gift was accidentally shipped to our next door neighbors–who were in the process of moving… Apparently their mother opened it and discarded the box before they discovered it was actually intended for us.

So if anyone knows who the following gifts are from it would be very helpful so we can thank the right peoples.

1. A Lovely Spice Assortment. WOW!
2. A Wine and Cheese Tasting Gift Set. (We love wine!)

Let us know if you know anyone who might have given us these! Pass the word around! Please!

Thank you. And thank you to everyone for the lovely gifts we’ve received so far. Heather got a 30 GB Video iPod with some of our gift money today and she is tickled pink! We were also able to stock up on much needed stuff from Tarzhay Boutique. Thank you everybody!!!

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New Look

October 27th, 2005 | Category: General

Tell me what you think… I’ll now have to redo all of my graphics but that will be fun anyway. And now I’ve got a little extra width! Can’t go wrong there!

The graphic is currently random each day. I’ll be working on a way to set it up for certain Holidays etc.

Take a look at some of the links I’ve added back into the mix. I’ll be updating those as well.

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