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Battlestar Galactica Season 2.5 Premier

December 28th, 2005 | Category: General

Premiers Friday January 6th 9pm CST
on the Sci-Fi Channel

Commander Adama and Admiral Cain Face Off
as Adama attempts to save Helo and Tyrol from execution.

I will be hosting a BSG party
Friday night January 6th, starting at 7pm. We’ll recap the episode Pegasus and then view the new episode. Everyone is welcome!

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Fellow Alumni (and Theater Geek) Writes a Book

December 28th, 2005 | Category: General

Normally every morning my wife and I watch Fox 9 news. We really enjoy the crew on that show and were tired of the Today Show every morning.

This morning, my long time friend Matt Sparby, called me up and said, “You’ll never guess who was on Fox 9 this morning. To which I replied, “You’re right! I won’t! Who was it?” He then gave me a single hint. “You had a dream about her once.”

Now before my wife ends up having a heart attack I need to preface that last statement. One day in high school I recounted an unusual dream I had about Sheila Corbett. Sheila and I were in theater together and it was right about the time of the Gulf War. The dream ended up being a very bizarre tale of war with Sheila for some reason being the focal point.

I always suspected I would see many of my fellow theater cronies end up with their name in lights. Sheila always cared for herself meticulously in school, was well spoken and a dedicated republican—fairly unusual for a high school student. I figured she’d go somewhere.

Today I found out just how far!

She’s married to a Mr. Todd Kihne, has changed her name, has two children and wrote a book with her sister Mary Corbett that’s about to become a best seller entitled, The List: 7 Ways to Tell If He’s Going to Marry You–in 30 Days or Less!

I don’t think I’ll buy it for myself since I’m happily married. Also, it probably isn’t one of those books you would buy as a gift for someone without expecting to be smacked. But it is neat to see an old friend and classmate succeed.

I couldn’t find an email contact for her but she was in the phone book so I called her up to tell her great job! She reckognized me by name right away. I let her know I wouldn’t bug her again and that I just wanted to show support for her success. She and her sister are having a great time promoting their book. She told me they’ll be on the Today show Monday so I’ll try and tune in then. It was enjoyable to wish a fellow Lakeville High School alumni success.

I don’t know Mary Corbett but I want to let you both know again: Excellent work and continued success!



December 19th, 2005 | Category: General


Dear Joe,

As a convenience to you, the team and the company, I hereby give you 3 weeks notice of my intention to leave my position as Test Lab Systems Administrator. My last day will be January 6th, 2006.

I have decided that is time to move on and I have accepted a position elsewhere. This was not an easy decision and took a lot of consideration. However, I am convinced that my new role will help me to move toward some of the goals I have for my career.

Please be assured that I will do all I can to assist in the smooth transfer of my responsibilities before leaving.

I wish both you and the rest of Configuration Management, ATS, QA and Development every good fortune and I would like to thank you for having me as part of your team.

Yours Sincerely,
Adam C. Kooyer


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