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KFAI Record Sale

November 16th, 2006 | Category: Shopping

Last Friday I went to the KFAI record sale. The had records for $1, CDs for $5 and Tapes for free. There were about 25 copies of “Everybody Loves a Happy Ending”. I didn’t buy any of the TFF album since I have it but I did get a first printing copy of Green by REM. You can tell first printing of that album from the letter R in Green and R.E.M.–it has a transparent number 4 printed over the top you can only see if you turn the record in the light. On the back of Green the number 4 in the track list is replaced by an R. Weird. Anyway, I also got Kick by INXS for $1 It folds open to reveal in large letters: KICK. And I got a couple of tapes. A 5 year anniversary cassette set (brand new) of Prairie Home Companion for my uncle for Christmas and a 2 Live Crew tape… I got that for Heather as a joke. The Joke was on us though: It had Michael Jackson’s Thriller inside it. Oh and i also got the new Bare Naked Ladies CD–which is quite good!

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Gallery Updates

September 22nd, 2006 | Category: General

I updated my photo gallery with:

  • Our Labor Day trip to the cabin to visit my mom.
  • A typical guys night.
  • Helping my mom move from Duluth to Park Rapids
  • Enjoy!


    Inspire Me

    August 30th, 2006 | Category: General

    I’m tired of blogging. I usually post everywhere else but here. There is a lot happening and I just don’t have time to write about it. Or rather, I don’t make time. Yesterday I hung out with Matt and watched some episodes of “Father of the Pride” a very funny Dreamworks computer animated series that was cancelled on NBC. It would seem NBC has some stitch out of place in the fabric of their marketing and research department. What’s new? They cancelled Star Trek in 1968–they obviously know what wholesome entertainment is and don’t give a crap about the rest of their audience. Another gem they recently cancelled: Surface. A smart sci-fi series about a pack of sea monsters taking over the world. Sounds cheesy, yes… but it’s filled with mystery, intelligent dialogue, talented actors, comedy and drama. Oh well. Bah NBC. So back on track–Matt’s was fun. We had some wine and cheese and enjoyed his home theater.

    Monday was my birthday. I’m nearly mid way through my thirties now. Probably shouldn’t look at it that way. Anyway, Heather bought me some nice balloons and a 20″ LCD Monitor for my birthday. She helped me organize my BBQ for that night and played host to many friends and family. I have a lot of leftover brats. I will probably bring them to work tomorrow.

    We were supposed to go to the State Fair with our friends Eric and Curt yesterday but Heather was travelling between MN and Cedar Rapids, IA most of the day. So that didn’t work out. Heather really loves the Fair. I don’t… but I still hope we can make it for her sake.

    Speaking of Sake. My mother-in-law bought me a bottle of Japanese rice wine aka Sake. I haven’t opened it yet. My sister-in-law bought me a really cool t-shirt with the Gorf ship on the front and the little aliens on the back. It says something like “The Game” on the front and the “The Players” on the back. It’s really quite funny when read correctly. By the way… if you type “Gorf T Shirt Players Game” into google Wil Wheaton dot net comes up.

    Welp, that’s my stream-of-conciousness entry for today. Until we meet again–

    Inspire me.



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