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The Laundry the Week and the Jukebox

January 15th, 2006 | Category: General

I just finished my first week at my new job. Ironically, I bumped into a bunch of coworkers from my previous place of employment at a popular chinese restaurant in Edina. The job is going well. My first day I installed Linux (Fedora Core 4) on my desktop. This week, when I get my official laptop, I’m going to install SUSE (10) Linux. Then I’ll run Windows XP as a VM. If that’s all greek to you–it’s OK. It’s great fun for me. The Operating System is only where the fun begins. The company works with biometrics devices. Biometrics devices are basically anything used to help identify–the correct human. For instance, fingerprint devices, facial recognition devices and iris (eye) recognition devices. Our company does fingerprint and facial recognition primarily–and we’re merging with another company that does iris recognition and other types of biometrics. My job is to implement the said devices for clients in a Linux environment. Although we do install our product on Windows–I’m just not starting out on that branch. It makes me very happy to be involved with the technology at this company. The products are ultra-exciting!

In addition to a great first week at work I got some things done this weekend that I’ve been wanting to complete–like my laundry. Well, OK, I’m ALMOST done with that. But I also labeled all of the CDs in my Jukebox finally. So now when I have it on at parties people can actually select tracks off of the CDs! I made a label template and went to town pulling most of the info for the CDs from 🙂

I also visited with some friends… well really family… on Saturday. Anne Carter, had a birthday party for her mom Carolyn whom just turned 79! You wouldn’t know it. She’s as sharp as a tack and healthy as a proverbial Ox. Bob and Diana, Anne’s brother and Sister-In-Law were also there along with their college-aged daughter, Alison. My mom and CC also were in attendance aslong with a good friend of the ‘family’–Layne (sp). We all had a blast talking about old times, sharing about new and enjoying the warmth of the fire. Fun and relaxing!

Finally, last night Heather and I saw The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. I must say that I enjoyed in thoroughly and found it to be an accurate representation of the book. I really enjoyed the special effects and though Liam Neeson was a great choice for Aslan’s voice. The kids were cast perfectly as well–as I had imagined them from the illustrations in the books. Heather loved the beavers. We both had a wonderful time.

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