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April 20th, 2006 | Category: General

Testing one two three.


Mexico First Trip Second Day

April 03rd, 2006 | Category: General

Yesterday Jaime and Erik attempted to pick me up at the airport–too early. My plane arrived late. Upon arriving I realized that my phone did not have international service. I tried to use a phone at the terminal but it wouldn’t accept my credit card.

I then borrowed a man’s phone who was from Spain to try and call Rogelio. Rogelio wasn’t there (cell or home). Then I borrowed a gentleman’s phone who was from Mexico. Then I borrowed a phone from three very lovely ladies in a bar. By this time I had consumed a cocktail.

Eventually I gave up and took a cab. I arrived at the hotel around 9:45-10:00 unharmed.

Erik has the other side of the story. Apparently there was more than one attempt to pick me up. Ask him about his ride with Jaime. 😉

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