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And Another One, And Another One…

May 12th, 2006 | Category: General

Another one bites the dust!

Last login: Fri May 12 09:32:02 2006 from

                              /\ |   | \        ##   ##       ########
                             |  \_______\       ##   ##       ##    ##
                             |   |======|       ##  ##        ##    ##
            ________________ |   |==()==|       #######   ##  ########
    ----===/ _________ / / /#/\   \     \       ##    ##            ##
          / /    _    / / |#|  \    \  \ \      ##     ##           ##
         / /|_/ |_|  / /   \#\,/\     \_\_\     ##     ##           ##
       _/ / | |'  | / /      ;   \_____|_0|
      /  /         | |       @    | |          *M   A   R   K  -  I  I*
     /   ----___   | |     =====   | |
    /           ----| |'''''''''''''| |  
    \..              | |             | |         Authorised use only.
       '''...         | |             | |
             '''...    \ \............/ /    Violators will be prosecuted
                   '''''''''''''''''''''    the fullest extent of the law.
adam@xx 11:03:56 ~$su -
root@xx 11:04:17 ~#date
Fri May 12 11:04:21 CDT 2006
root@xx 11:04:21 ~#shutdown -h now

Broadcast message from root (pts/1) (Fri May 12 11:04:38 2006):

The system is going down for system halt NOW!
root@xx 11:04:38 ~#Read from remote host Operation timed out
Connection to closed.

K9 Mark II was officially shutdown for good today.

Celebrate! For today marks the day of the new server that is K9 Mark ]I[!

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May 09th, 2006 | Category: General

Well it’s been awhile since I’ve written. I know my loyal fans miss my quick wit and long dissertations about movies and restaurants. The truth is, I’ve been awfully busy traveling for work and trying to keep some semblance of a social life. The company I work for is merging and we’re having dinner with the VP tonight. That ought to be interesting.

Mexico City Part Deux
I did get to try some new cuisine including a Japanese restaurant where I was able to order Sushi and a Salmon entree with great fried rice that included cashews, almonds, walnuts and peanuts. I also ate at a local restaurant (of which I can’t remember the name) where I was treated to mole negro. It’s like regular Mexican mole but darker with a little more chocolate flavor. Last trip it was the long hours and no sleep. However, Mexico City was still as brutal to me this time as the last. On my most recent trip I slept better but at the end of my trip I ended up contracting Traveler’s Diarrhea or what is more commonly known as: Montezuma’s Revenge. I’m back at work today–although a bit tentative about how often I may need to use the bathroom.

Enough about that.

Surprise, Surprise
There was one really great thing that happened when I got home to my wife last week. Really, I was just happy to see her again. But there was something more. She had been away on business last week also–albeit a much shorter and pleasant trip than mine. She was able to walk along the beach during some of her free time and one of her clients allowed her and her boss to peruse their warehouse for free clothing. At the same time my wife was explaining her adventuring in California to me, she announced that she had “got me a surprise!” I was happy she had thought of me while she was out cavorting in CA.

After about 11 hours of travel Saturday, she came to pick me up at the airport around 4:45pm. We were talking small talk and catching up on what went on while I was away. Had I been a little less tired (The “Revenge” had started by this time also) I might have noticed that Heather’s usual excitement to see me upon my return was a little more elevated. I asked how tall the lawn was. She apologized that she was not able to mow it and explained that it had grown wildly in my absence. I didn’t really care that she had not mowed. I was just concerned how I was going to cut through a tall lawn. I had fertilized it one day before it began raining.

It rained for at least four days while I was away.

When we approached the house I was examining the lawn. It was as tall as the legend had been told. We rounded the right turn into the driveway as I continued to stare at the lawn. “Man, that’s gonna take at least two passes.” I sighed. We had stopped in the driveway. Then I faced forward.


I yelled, “Wow! A NEW garage door!” Heather had called around asking about installation, quality of doors and everything in between while I was away. She was able to have the door installed hours before I arrived home. It was like being on the show “While You Were Out” where they make-over your home while you’re out. I was so surprised! It worked perfectly. The new door opens very quietly and looks 100% better than the old particle board, water-logged, rotting door that originally came with the home in 1968.

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