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KFAI Record Sale

November 16th, 2006 | Category: Shopping

Last Friday I went to the KFAI record sale. The had records for $1, CDs for $5 and Tapes for free. There were about 25 copies of “Everybody Loves a Happy Ending”. I didn’t buy any of the TFF album since I have it but I did get a first printing copy of Green by REM. You can tell first printing of that album from the letter R in Green and R.E.M.–it has a transparent number 4 printed over the top you can only see if you turn the record in the light. On the back of Green the number 4 in the track list is replaced by an R. Weird. Anyway, I also got Kick by INXS for $1 It folds open to reveal in large letters: KICK. And I got a couple of tapes. A 5 year anniversary cassette set (brand new) of Prairie Home Companion for my uncle for Christmas and a 2 Live Crew tape… I got that for Heather as a joke. The Joke was on us though: It had Michael Jackson’s Thriller inside it. Oh and i also got the new Bare Naked Ladies CD–which is quite good!

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