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W!! Got Our Wii

January 31st, 2007 | Category: General

Yesterday Game Crazy called and said my Wii had come in. I decided I would take my lunch and go pick it up. When I got home around 5:30 I ran to the basement like a 13-Year-Old kid and quickly began unboxing the Wii. Within minutes I had it set up with the sensor bar on top of our 50″ DLP TV. I also purchased Elebits but never made it passed WiiSports. Although I’ve played the WiiSports at MicroCenter and Adam V’s house, I really enjoyed playing it in the comfort of my own home. So maybe I’ll get to Elebits later this week.

The Wii is fantastic! (As many of you who have them already know) I had a lot of fun creating my own Mii. When I finally coaxed Heather down to play the Wii she also enjoyed setting up her own Mii. Miis are the characters you use when you play different games. They are also portable. You can transfer your Mii to the WiiMote and take them to friend’s houses to play your character at their home.

Wii Bowled!

I can’t wait until Wii Play comes out on the 12th. It comes with an extra WiiMote and several new sports type games including Pool, Ping Pong and Duck Hunt.