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My Mom

October 13th, 2008 | Category: Close to Home,News

Hiya everyone. I’m cross-posting this entry from so that I can cover the most ground.

As many of you know a little less than a month ago my mom underwent surgery for a dime sized lump. Breast cancer is a common occurrence among women on her side of the family. Both her mother and her sister had it… and her aunt. All have been survivors of their cancers. At the time of surgery, the main hope for everyone was that the cancer had not spread to the lymph nodes. In cases that it has, treatment is much more difficult. We were all pleased when the results for the lymph node tests came back negative.

Last week she met with her oncologist for the first time since the surgery. It was also the first time that the pathology report was thoroughly explained. Unfortunately, the news was not as good as we had hoped. Her cancer is not estrogen driven but rather it is an aggressive form of cancer that requires immediate additional treatment. My mom will undergo a series of chemotherapy treatments starting this Thursday. Many of you will recognize this as the day my dad died three years ago. Please keep her in your hopes and prayers as she fights this cancer. This will be a long battle for the next year and she needs our love and support.

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