Don’t Stick Your Cooler in the Fridge

Why do people buy cooler lunch bags? They don’t use them anyway.

I brought my lunch to work today. I put it into a paper sack–you know, the old standard. So I go to put it in the fridge at work. At least 40 other people have brought their lunches too–in coolers. Now, riddle me this, Batman: Why do you need a COOLER if you’re going to put your lunch in the FRIDGE?

There was no room for my lunch so I took some coolers out and smashed my lunch to the back wall of the fridge. Stupid coolers.


7 thoughts on “Don’t Stick Your Cooler in the Fridge”

  1. Have you ever listened to Joe Soucheray’s Garage Logic Show on AM1500? He talks about a thing called "vast prosperity." It’s the principle that people just have too much $$…and that causes them to spend it on stupid things they really don’t need. This sounds like a good example;) I personally don’t have a problem with the cheap ol’ brown bag.

  2. I brown bag it. wouldn’t mind a cooler bag tho.. but there would be no need to fridge it then.

  3. This morning I interviewed someone whom I spotted placing a cooler bag into the fridge. The conversation went like this:

    Me: Hey! That’s a cooler bag, right? Why are you putting it in the fridge?

    Her: It’s my lunch.

    Me: Yeah, but it’s in a cooler bag right?

    Her: Yeah?

    Me: So why are you putting it in the fridge?

    Her: Because it doesn’t work very well. And I’d have to put ice in it to make it stay cold.

    Me: That doesn’t sound like a good purchase.

    Her: I didn’t buy it.

    Me: Why don’t you just bring your lunch in a brown bag then?

    Her: Because then I’d have to buy paper bags.

    Me: Yeah, but it’d take up less space.

    Her: But my cooler bag isn’t that big.

    Me: A Paper bag is even smaller. (I gestured towards the 18 other cooler bags already in the fridge.) I mean, look at all those. Wouldn’t paper bags be smaller?

    Her: Leave me alone.

    Me: (grinning) You don’t like it when I challenge your logic do you?

    Her: I have to go work.

    I intend to get to the bottom of this someday.

  4. yep, people are stupid or inconsiderate. take your stuff out of the cooler if you’re going to put it in the fridge. a cooler doesn’t need refrigeration, and takes up extra space in the fridge. Hard wall coolers in the fridge are even more ridiculous.

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