Knock, Knock. Who’s There?

Last night I was working on my new front door with a friend of mine, Andy Masters and my Dad. Andy currently does this for a living, but we ran into a few problems. The first of which was he had his boss’ van instead of his own. His boss is not quite as organized as Andy is–or at least not this week. Not to mention the van was not fully stocked. This meant that some of the tools needed to do the job were unavailable. The first problem came when we discovered the door jam had been notched. You see, the door jam on the porch had originally been hand notched out of hardwood to fit the original door in. This meant that we would have to actually trim the door jam to the proper size rather than remove the wood entirely. Since we were short a few tools, this lent me the opportunity to buy a few new manly-man tools. My Dad and I jetted off to Home Depot in the Cruiser. I picked up a Sawzall, some blades and a lock-set for the door. We spent about an hour trimming the door with the Sawzall and I again had to make a run to the hardware store for a caulk-gun. Sawing, cutting, breaking wood off, caulking and four hours later the door was in. It took a Herculean effort on the part of Andy, me and me Dad. Thanks Andy! The door is a massive improvement over the two panel door originally attached to the porch. When it is finally completed I will post another entry with pictures. For now, I’ve got to get some paint matched, buy some wood for trim and clean up the exterior a bit.

One thought on “Knock, Knock. Who’s There?”

  1. cool man! now you’ll have to use your front door a lot more so you can get some use outta that thing.

    perhaps you could put up some nice knockers now? hmm??
    and maybe a sign that says..
    "Knock softly, but firmly… I love firm knockers!"

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